Does it really take 6 weeks before the paper will delivered?
Sometimes, yes, 4-6 weeks or even longer.  Sometimes, however, we may be able to purchase paper with as little as 2 weeks notice, or maybe the paper is just waiting for you in our wharehouse or at the paper mill. Ask your Dessain expert for a real quick answer.

What is the influence of the fluctuating paper price on the total cost? 
In web printing the paper is frequently between 50 and 60% of the total cost.  So, for exapmle, an increase of 5% in the paper price may mean that your order will cost you 3% extra.

Can I order paper now to absorb a later increase of the paper price?
Paper buying is like buying fresh lobster. You pay the market price which is valid on the day of the delivery. Only very rarely will the paper mills put aside this principle. Having your paper delivered earlier than necessary is possible but potentially very expensive. There is always a risk of damage when warehousing the paper. At the end it’s possible that the price will be higher than the increased cost of the paper.